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The leading provider of Fire Protection and Industrial Measurement systems across UK & Ireland.

Safer people and places, and smarter factories across UK & Ireland

We are the leading provider of innovative Fire Protection, Measurement and Inspection solutions.

Fire Protection Systems

We protect your premises, process and people with fire protection solutions. Our technology detects and extinguishes ignition sources, making your workplace safer and enabling uninterrupted production.

Measuring Systems

We help you measure and inspect your production process to improve product quality, to reduce your material and energy costs, ultimately maximising the efficiency of your operations.

Shoe Lasts & Moulds

We have advised the shoe industry for a century regarding fashion trends, good fit and production efficiency. We deliver customer-specific shoe lasts and moulds to the international shoe industry.

The importance of spark detection and extinguishing systems

In many industries, where bulk materials are processed, fires and dust explosions occur regularly with far-reaching consequences.
Interruptions of the production process can lead to substantial downtime and follow up costs, in addition to injury and property damage. Our Spark Detection and Extinguishing System affords you protection via a special technique; detection and automatic extinguishment of an ignition source within milliseconds before a fire can start.

How high is the risk?

Every 5 minutes 
an industrial fire starts

Extensive damages occur 
with considerable repair and reinstatement costs

Sparks and glowing embers 
often cause fires and explosions

Consequential damages
impact production and affect business continuity

Dedicated Customer Service based on 27 years of protecting our UK & Ireland customers

We help you maintain maximum availability and reliability of your GreCon Fire Protection and Measurement systems.  Many customers enjoy the predictability and protection offered by our service plan, affording you a specific service regime, tailored to your needs and with the recommended service interval. Our team of UK based Service Engineers can respond promptly to problems either in person or via our remote Satellite online support system. We also offer a spare part service from our comprehensive UK stores.

We offer a full turnkey service, comprising:

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Maintenance

Benefits of a GreCon Fire Protection System

  • A significant contribution to risk manage your production process
  • Avoid property, equipment and personal damage
  • Maintain greatest production availability
  • Fire and explosion prevention
  • Eliminates ignition sources
  • Events recorded with millisecond accuracy
  • Insurance discounts possible
  • Remotely control and monitor key information (option available)

Your Fire Protection expert

Rely on our 27 years of experience of protecting customers in multiple industries across the UK & Ireland

GreCon Limited
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